At The 1018 Club, It’s Not About Us. It’s About YOU.

The 1018 Club’s reputation for hospitality is as legendary as The Masters itself. Every year we welcome new guests, as well as returning guests too. We welcome you to share your experience with others. Just use the form below.

Guys my mate and I just had the most marvellous 3 days at the masters . The best bit (apart from DW winning) was the time in the 1018 club . Never been treated so well in my life . Great place superb staff who saw to every detail.

Thank you and see you next year for sure

David McCutcheon
Just a quick note to congratulate you and the 1018 Club for being one of the premier experiences we enjoyed throughout this past Masters week.

I was there with the Dennis Trine group, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with literally every feature of your Club. The food was great, the atmosphere was fantastic … but I think the part I want to focus on was my experience with the people you had working with you.

I mean from the van driver to the girls at the van stop, all the way through to Kelly the bar manager and, of course, Frankie … just wonderful people. Your staff at the badge counter, including yourself, handled everything with a smile and attention to detail that can only happen when the people at the top make certain everyone below them is on board and ready to perform.

Kudos to all, and the 1018 Club will remain a part of our Augusta ritual as long as you are open and we continue to come to The Masters. May both of those be for a long, long time.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray
The 1018 Club is simply the best hospitality club in Augusta during Masters week and I have visited most all of them!
The cuisine is first class and the staff is exceptional. Quick to serve with a smile! All my clients and guests have thoroughly enjoyed the club and I highly recommend it to everyone. Truly completes the Masters Experience!
Richard Neumann