If you have practice round tickets or tournament badges to sell, we are always looking to buy tickets. Our patrons know that we do what we say.  We guarantee our buy price even if the market goes down after a deal has been reached.

Competitive pricing — We are committed to paying top dollar on tickets and tournament badges.
Ease of transaction — We provide many different options to complete the purchase of your tickets. Inquire today so we can give you a quote.

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Why should I sell my Badges to you?

Trust, reputation and peace of mind.

Our company has been purchasing badges from patrons since 1988. The reason our patrons continue to sell to us each year is that they can trust that they are receiving a fair market price for them.

They know that we do what we say which means that we will pay the guaranteed price whether the market goes down after a deal has been reached.

Lastly, we go above and beyond to protect the badges from the time they are in our possession. We review all of Augusta National’s policies, badge entrance protocols, and as well golf course etiquette with each of our clients.

Our mission is to protect the badges so that we are able to buy your badges on a yearly basis.

We are not in any way sponsored by, affiliated with, or a partner of The Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta National Golf Club, or Augusta National, Inc. and the use of the word ‘The Masters’ is for descriptive and informational purposes only. We are an independent global sports travel & event management company and a provider of corporate and fan travel packages and hospitality events.

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