Payment & Deposits

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. A 50% deposit is due upon signing of the terms. Balance is due 45 days prior to the Masters. If purchasing services within 45 days of the Masters, full payment is due at signing of the terms.

Cancellations and Refunds

There are NO refunds. If for any reason a day’s play or the entire event is completely or partially canceled there are no refunds. Cancellations can include but are not limited to inclement weather, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, protests or any other activity that the 1018 Club has no control over. No refunds will be given. Should the 1018 Club itself be damaged, destroyed, or made unusable, all efforts will be made to relocate, but no refunds will be given.


The 1018 Club or its owners cannot and will not be held libel under any circumstances when dealing with any third party services provided during this event. The 1018 Club or its owners can not and will not be held libel for any actions of the client during their usage of the services provided, by way of eating, drinking and enjoying the entertainment. The 1018 Club or its owners will not be held libel for any injury resulting from their actions, such as slipping or falling, while using and residing at the facility.


The 1018 Club has already prepared a weeklong menu and a complete offering of the most requested top shelf drinks offered at the finest country clubs. No outside eating or drinking items can be brought into the facility. If what you are looking for has not been provided, please make your request to the management and we will do all we can to accommodate the request.

Signage and Décor

The 1018 Club has total control over all signs, arrangements, banners, displays, and/or all appearances on the property. Any items that a guest would like to put up can only be done with permission of the management and put in place by the staff of the 1018 Club.

Licensing and Insurance

The 1018 Club has met all the required guidelines and will obey all state and local laws and regulations, which also govern the serving of alcohol. The management has the right to stop serving anyone at any time if it appears necessary and for the good of all the guests within the club. The 1018 Club staff can refuse entrance to the property to anyone for any reason.

Event Tickets

In the case where the 1018 Club has provided Masters Badges or Practice Round tickets, the guests must abide by the instructions explained when receiving the tickets. The Master Badges are a reusable ticket and need to be returned daily unless a multi-day use was purchased. At the conclusion of the tournament, all Badges must be returned to the 1018 Club. All standard terms and conditions apply listed below.

Contract Execution

Upon agreement to these terms and conditions, the client agrees that this constitutes a binding contract between the two parties. The client also agrees and acknowledges that there has not been any other warranties, agreements, representations, written or verbal outside of these terms. Any action taken by either party arising from this agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Georgia under the jurisdiction of Augusta, Georgia.

Terms and Conditions